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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SUBMERGING (#2 -- 2017)

SUBMERGING (#2 -- 2017)

Brett Essler
24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, B&W (full color cover, cardstock), $3 US / $? Can/Mex $? world, trades maybe
Submerging is a zine/chapbook featuring personal essays, fiction, and photography; available from Quimby's, Atomic Books, Razorcake, and on Etsy. It is really gorgeous; there's glossy cardstock paper that feels good in your hands, and the writing's surprisingly compelling. It's about corporeality, about bodies and medicine, about getting older. Clean, clear, crisp layout; everything in the right place. One of the essays is about surviving an unexpected heart attack; another about delicate bodies growing older with all the attending aches and pains. Four different writers make up this issue; there's photography and interesting visual elements, and for $3 it seems like a steal for the quality of not just the writing (which is quite good) but also the object itself (I haven't seen a lot of slick, glossy paper zines lately, so this is an interesting change). For $3, it's worth getting; check it out.

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