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Saturday, August 15, 2009

In My Mailbox 8-15-09

Well, technically this is IMM 8-10 or something, as I wandered to the POB days ago and am just getting around to writing about my treasures. This is due to incompetence and laziness. Which surprises no one.


- Breakfast #5 ($3, Breakfast, c/o Vincent Voelz, 575 12th Ave #3, San Francisco, CA 94118; vvoelz@gmail.com, www.breakfastzine.com) I'd given up hope on Breakfast; I mean, #4 came out like in 1978 or something. Yet here is issue #5! With article titles like "A Field Guide to South American Donuts" and "The First Annual Portland Pie-Off", how can resist this zine? You cannot.

- The Ken Chronicles #12 ($2, Ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Drive, East Meadow, NY 11554-1120; passscribe@aol.com; http://thekenbausertchronicles.blogspot.com) Another episode in the continuing adventures of former Passions editor Ken. I'm a sucker for home repair/renovation stories, but there's plenty more slice-o-life stuff in this neat little zine.

And that was it, aside from sweaty dollar bills and other stuff. I need to get to the POB more often, methinks.


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