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Sunday, April 23, 2017

INDESTRUCTIBLE: Growing up queer, Cuban, and punk in Miami (3rd edition)

written and illustrated by Cristy C. Road

96 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $9.95, March 2017
Microcosm Publishing Distributed by Legato / PGW
2752 N Williams Ave
Portland OR 97227

This is the 3rd edition of Cristy C. Road's novel, described as a "testimony of survival" and "bursting with wild life, true heartache, sassy insight, righteous mouthing-off, desperate crushes, and more gasping laughter than a slumber party." The description sent along with the book covers it well: "In her Miami high school, Cristy Road valiantly tried to figure out and defense her queer gender identity, Cuban cultural roots, punk-rock nature, and mortality. Through her writing and illustration, Cristy reminds us of the strength and ability of punk youth to address realities like rape, homophobia, and misogyny. This book is no exception. Road's headlong story of growingup gives a voice to every frustrated 15-year-old girl under fire from her peers for being queer, butch, punk, or different." I loved reading this book; the illustrations are compelling and visually captivating, and the writing real and raw and fresh; I can totally see why this book is in the 3rd edition of printing. It's worth getting; it's beautifully designed and is a compelling read. Highly recommended.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

COPY THIS #32 (Oct 2016)

32 pages, 4 x 5.5 inches, cost?, trades ?

D. Blake Wertz
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

COPY THIS is an info/new zines assembled by and for mini-comics fans; #32 is almost entirely an interview with Larry Blake, which is really interesting to read. Be warned -- it's a tiny zine so the print is pretty small (the composition and visual flow are both very clear, so there's no confusion -- it's just printed small because of the size of the zine). There's also an upcoming all-art issue (which I think was due to come out in January), which I'd love to see. There's also a little bit of news in the back sent in by other minicomics folks including Andrew Goldfarb, Rob Imes, and a whole lot of others, including cover pictures of new projects. It's a good read and worth tracking down.

Three Acts of Wayne Countryman

(a collaboration by Eight-Stone Press and Leeking Inc.)
Dec 2016

68 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches $free (donations to cover printing and mailing costs are appreciated)

Davida and Patrick
PO Box 347
Glen Arm, MD 21057

This tribute zine is a collection of pieces that Wayne Countryman, who passed away in September 2016, published in the storytelling zine Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! over the years. The three acts of the title include these pieces; the acts are divided into Writer, Photographer, and Friend. The photos are ones that were found after his death; they're compelling and evocative all on their own even without the context. This is a really moving tribute to someone who was clearly well-loved by those who knew him, and it's also a fine collection -- if you didn't know him (I didn't), you will really get a sense of how good a human he was and how much his sudden death shocked those people -- it is a profound loss that is evident in the Friend act, with all these tributes from friends and those who knew him.  Because it's Davida and Patrick, you know that this zine is going to achieve a level of quality and visual composition that is flawless; but because of the content, it really resonates as a beautiful tribute to a friend taken far too soon. Highly recommended; it's free, so send a few bucks to cover mailing & printing, but don't miss it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Christian New Age Quarterly: A Bridge Supporting Dialogue

(Vol 22, Number 4, Summer/Autumn 2016)

28 pages, 7 x 8.5 inches $12.50 US (4-issue subscription), CAN/MEX / WORLD $18.50 (US funds only), trades ??

PO Box 276
Clifton, NJ 070015-0276

This issue is a double-issue ($7 for US, $10 outside of US, US funds only; usually a sample issue is $3.50 for US and $5 outside the US, same for back issues), and the masthead says that "Our intent is to foster communication between Christians and New Agers. To this end, a diversity of viewpoints is featured. Publication does not imply the publisher concurs with the content." There is a little bit of advertising in the back, and this issue seems mostly to be one long essay called "Proto-Mark: A Conjectural Reconstruction." There are footnotes, and if religion is your thing, this publication will likely be of interest to you. 


review from Anne: CRONES

CRONES was made for GirlFrenzy to CroneFrenzy Supernormal 2016.

So, this is a tiny little minizine (1/8 size, so 2.75 x 4 inches) and it's awesome. This appeared along with a black rubber bracelet stamped with silver that says FEMINISTS COME IN WAVES  (brilliant, btw) in my pack of zines and I have no idea how much it costs or how you can get one, but I love it. It unfolds out to include drawn portraits of many important crones (there's a short poem explaining a little as the first page), including Jayne Country, Yoko Ono, Maya Angelou, Vi Subversa, and many, many others. It's lovely and I'm so glad it was part of my review packet -- I'd email Rachael House and ask for details to see how you can get one as well. Well worth tracking down.


review from Anne: SPACE WHALES TAKE ON CHAOS: Chaos is Our Queen #2 (#2 / July 2016)

16 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $3 US, $?? CAN/MEX / $? world / trades: maybe

Eva Gonzalez
402 South Coronado Street
LA, CA 90057
instagram: @chaosandfreegrit

The description sent along with this issue  -- "Chaos is Our Queen is a feminist response to our patriarchal society's demands to define, and thus limit, the female experience. This zine is created by two queer women, best friends separated by 3,000 miles in Hawaii and LA. It features original photography, art, poetry, and comics!" -- is really accurate. The issue has a full-color cover (front and back) and is mostly comics, which I dig, and it's def feminist, which I also dig. I haven't seen issue #1 yet and since this was from July of last year, there may well be more issues produced since then as well. The concept is neat, though; it's a zine produced by two folks who are far away from one another but share similar sensibilities. I'm looking forward to seeing other issues as well!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stovetop Girl: She's On Fire #5 

"Ballin' on a Budget" (January 2017)
4 pages, digest pages (5.5 x 8.5 inches), $1 US (not sure about CAN/MEX)
Kari Tervo
POB 7831
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
trades? "ask first"

"Wanna live the luxe life but you don't have a ton of cash to throw around? In Stovetop Girl #5, I clue you in on some ways to score cool party stuff for cheap, save money for expensive items and events, and get incredible discounts on fancy items and experiences. Stovetop Girl #5 is just a measly buck, so you're already spending smart!" This is part of a longer series that also includes the lottery, 90s relics, and so forth; the description is pretty accurate -- it's tips and tricks and photos of things scored on the cheap. Coupons are good! Thrift stores are awesome!  This issue includes pictures of things the author scored on the cheap as well. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

aw yeah BROOKLYN! (#95 and 95.5)

review from Anne: BROOKLYN: (#95 and 95.5)

24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 $10 for a 4 issue subscription
(PAYMENT IN CASH! Fred adds: US currency please!)
Fred Argoff
Penthouse L
1170 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11230

If you're new to BROOKLYN, here's the details:  
“The name of this zine is BROOKLYN and that's also what the zine is about, Fred's beloved borough of Brooklyn." Issues generally tend to be more photography based, which gives you a real sense of a lot of hidden or off-the-beaten-path Brooklyn. If you dig history, architecture, urban spaces, etc. you'll absolutely want to check out this series. BROOKLYN is a long-standing series that's an intersting read even if you're never been to Brooklyn and maybe never will. It's all about Brooklyn (no surprise there), but it's always a combination of history, photography, and other Brooklyn related things, including Brooklyn-related zazzle.com stamps. Fred obviously spends a lot of time sweating the details, and the overall effect is very cool. 

Overall, it's a fun read (whether you're from Brooklyn or not), and there are subscriber perks (like the special issues, which 95.5 is, including a Brooklyn 13 tour, Brooklyn trolleys, and Brooklyn baseball.).  Issue #95 is entirely devoted to Red Hook, and includes my favorite feature (the Brooklyn Lexicon) as well as an excursion on the Brooklyn World Tour. I'm always a little amazed that there's SO MUCH to write about with Brooklyn, but it's all interesting. The layout is crisp and easy to follow, and it's delightful to read about Brooklyn from someone who obviously loves the place. Always, always a fun read worth your time. So, whaddya waitin' for? Read some Brooklyn already!