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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fuzz Society #1 and #2 and Average Jill #1

The short version is that Fuzz Society #1 and #2 are collections of a webcomic and Average Jill is a 24-hour comic. The longer version's a little cuter; Fuzz Society basically follows Lyra Ladybug as she flies far from home and makes some new friends, including an interesting cast of other characters (Tex, a turtle, and Phyllis, a lovebird, among a few others). Roxanne writes in the afterword of the first issue that she and her husband developed the concept together and these first two books are a way for her to introduce Lyra and the rest of the cast of characters. It so far looks like it's something that all ages could read, though Lyra's a little bit boy-crazy (well, maybe not boy, exactly --  you'll have to read it to find out, but the cover design for the second issue reads "Love is in the air...").

Average Jill #1 is a 24-hour comic summed up well byt he back cover: "Meet Jill. She may not be the smartest or hottest girl on the block, but she's got charm. And will. Get your laughs on in 24 one-shot panels, created as part of a 24-hour comic, which focus on such topics as dating, relationships, parenting, and work life, and maybe you'll see a part of yourself in her. Just maybe." Her titles for these one-panel comics are pretty funny, and if you're a parent, you'll probably really get a kick out of the ones about parenting--they're among the best in the book.

Fuzz Society #1 and #2 (Oct 2010 and Aug 2011)
Average Jill #1 (2011)
Roxanne Fuchs
$3 US / $3 Can/Mex / $4 World
trades: maybe
Half-legal (9 inches tall x 6 inches wide)
20 pages, 28 pages, and 24 pages, full color covers, professionally printed

review from Anne: BROOKLYN #76

24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 $10 for a 4 issue subscription
Fred Argoff
Penthouse L
1170 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11230

More Brooklyn reviews! Say it with me, people: “The name of this zine is BROOKLYN and that's also what the zine is about, Fred's beloved borough of Brooklyn." History, photography, you name it and it’s in here…provided it’s got something to do with Fred’s favorite borough. #76 has a little bit of everything--photographs, old advertisements relating to Brooklyn, an interesting history piece ("A Little History Won't Kill You"), a visit to Bergen Beach, as well as the always-appreciated Brooklyn Lexicon & Pronounciation Guide #61 (these always make me laugh like crazy.). Lots of photographs; even those of you who are not familiar with Brooklyn are most likely going to enjoy what you read! Get yourself some BROOKLYN already!