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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A primer for questioning compulsory monogamy

38 pages (some blank), 4 x 5, $5 US, (does not include s/h) $?? CAN/MEX / $?? world, FREE, ?? to trades
Adelaide Barton
Troy NY 12180
Sold at ladygardens.etsy.com (start here for ordering)

This zine is pretty much exactly what it describes itself as: a primer for questioning compulsory monogamy. It's an illustrated introduction. It's a beginning resource guide, including a glossary, further reading, and definition of terms, plus a works cited page, so you can do some further reading and research on your own. The zine composition is clear and easy to read; it's handwritten and legible, and there are illustrations as well. If this is subject matter that's interesting to you, this zine is very much worth a read. It covers a lot of topics within non monogamy, fields a few questions, and overall gives a good introduction to the topic. Worth checking out.

Souvenirs From Weirdos #1 (2016) and KID COVERS

Souvenirs From Weirdos #1
by Cat Raia
22 pages, color cover, 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches, $5 US, $7 CAN/MEX/World, no trades


KID COVERS (Spring 2014)
by Karl Noyes
22 pages, all color, 8.5 inches x 5.5. inches, $3 US, $7 CAN/MEX/World, no trades

contact for both: Karl Roosterhouse
3052 Elliot Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407
zineia.com or roosterhouse.org

Both of these came in from Karl Roosterhouse, but they're very different zines. Souvenirs from Weirdos is a non-fiction illustrated travel journal through Europe, and Kid Covers is a collection of book covers created by children (don't believe the cover! It looks like it's for a book called Next Door by Ruth Harden, but it's not!). It's actually a found-art zine from a closed school, where the author says he "found these in a pile of discarded books. The covers were created by students of the schools." There's some you'd expect, like Peter Pan, Father Brown Mystery Stories, and some others, but there's one for the Fisherman's Field Guide and The World of the Grizzly Bear (it's all claw, let me tell you). Souvenirs from Weirdos, which has cool color covers from what looks like a print or woodblock, and is printed on heavier card stock, and it's a travel journal with illustrations. "The following is the first installment of the zine ... an in depth travel log of my time spent hitchhiking from Berlin, Germany, to the Sahara Desert in Morocco and back over two months during my time spent living abroad in 2014." It's a much heavier read than than KID COVERS, but it's interesting. If you're into travel journals, you'll be interested. I don't know about the rest of the series, but Roosterhouse seems to be a collective or distro with these and other titles, and the website has clear design and a range of titles.