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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A primer for questioning compulsory monogamy

38 pages (some blank), 4 x 5, $5 US, (does not include s/h) $?? CAN/MEX / $?? world, FREE, ?? to trades
Adelaide Barton
Troy NY 12180
Sold at ladygardens.etsy.com (start here for ordering)

This zine is pretty much exactly what it describes itself as: a primer for questioning compulsory monogamy. It's an illustrated introduction. It's a beginning resource guide, including a glossary, further reading, and definition of terms, plus a works cited page, so you can do some further reading and research on your own. The zine composition is clear and easy to read; it's handwritten and legible, and there are illustrations as well. If this is subject matter that's interesting to you, this zine is very much worth a read. It covers a lot of topics within non monogamy, fields a few questions, and overall gives a good introduction to the topic. Worth checking out.

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