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Friday, April 14, 2017

aw yeah BROOKLYN! (#95 and 95.5)

review from Anne: BROOKLYN: (#95 and 95.5)

24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 $10 for a 4 issue subscription
(PAYMENT IN CASH! Fred adds: US currency please!)
Fred Argoff
Penthouse L
1170 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11230

If you're new to BROOKLYN, here's the details:  
“The name of this zine is BROOKLYN and that's also what the zine is about, Fred's beloved borough of Brooklyn." Issues generally tend to be more photography based, which gives you a real sense of a lot of hidden or off-the-beaten-path Brooklyn. If you dig history, architecture, urban spaces, etc. you'll absolutely want to check out this series. BROOKLYN is a long-standing series that's an intersting read even if you're never been to Brooklyn and maybe never will. It's all about Brooklyn (no surprise there), but it's always a combination of history, photography, and other Brooklyn related things, including Brooklyn-related zazzle.com stamps. Fred obviously spends a lot of time sweating the details, and the overall effect is very cool. 

Overall, it's a fun read (whether you're from Brooklyn or not), and there are subscriber perks (like the special issues, which 95.5 is, including a Brooklyn 13 tour, Brooklyn trolleys, and Brooklyn baseball.).  Issue #95 is entirely devoted to Red Hook, and includes my favorite feature (the Brooklyn Lexicon) as well as an excursion on the Brooklyn World Tour. I'm always a little amazed that there's SO MUCH to write about with Brooklyn, but it's all interesting. The layout is crisp and easy to follow, and it's delightful to read about Brooklyn from someone who obviously loves the place. Always, always a fun read worth your time. So, whaddya waitin' for? Read some Brooklyn already!

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