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Friday, April 21, 2017


review from Anne: SPACE WHALES TAKE ON CHAOS: Chaos is Our Queen #2 (#2 / July 2016)

16 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $3 US, $?? CAN/MEX / $? world / trades: maybe

Eva Gonzalez
402 South Coronado Street
LA, CA 90057
instagram: @chaosandfreegrit

The description sent along with this issue  -- "Chaos is Our Queen is a feminist response to our patriarchal society's demands to define, and thus limit, the female experience. This zine is created by two queer women, best friends separated by 3,000 miles in Hawaii and LA. It features original photography, art, poetry, and comics!" -- is really accurate. The issue has a full-color cover (front and back) and is mostly comics, which I dig, and it's def feminist, which I also dig. I haven't seen issue #1 yet and since this was from July of last year, there may well be more issues produced since then as well. The concept is neat, though; it's a zine produced by two folks who are far away from one another but share similar sensibilities. I'm looking forward to seeing other issues as well!

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