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Xerography Debt is a review zine for zine readers by zine writers (and readers). It is a hybrid of review zine and personal zine (the ancestor to many blogs). The paper version has been around since 1999. This blog thing is are attempt to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Paper 1.0. Print is not dead, but it is becoming more pixelated.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

two reviews from Anne

Bipedal, By Pedal! #2: Confidential Mad Libs 5.5x7", 64 pages, in color, offset, $4 US $?Can/Mex, $?world
PO Box 14332
Portland, OR 97293

While working on a documentary called “Aftermass” about bike activism and its future in Portland, OR and beyond, Joe Biel received copies of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act in which he discovered that the police in Portland had for many years engaged in illegal spying on Critical Mass in an effort to disassemble and discredit the organization. “What each person sees in these documents is really in the eye of the beholder. But I think it’s only in the police’s wet dreams that Critical Mass would ever start a riot that would endanger the lives of families and children” states Biel, and this book would be an interesting enough read without the twist in which the documents are transformed into Mad Libs, omitting certain words (they’re all printed on the inside back cover if you’re curious, and you will be) at key points in the various documents and citations. Highly recommended.

24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 $10 for a 4 issue subscription
Fred Argoff
Penthouse L
1170 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11230

Another Brooklyn review! “The name of this zine is BROOKLYN and that's also what the zine is about, Fred's beloved borough of Brooklyn." I actually was recently driving in Brooklyn for the first time in a long while and caught myself thinking about this zine while waiting at a red light. Anyway, #70 includes a quick piece on the English Kills Art Gallery (plus a photo of a ‘guerilla performer’), “Brooklyn Lexicon & Pronounciation Guide #55” (including an interesting entry on “rollercoaster”), a piece about New Lots and some photos of notable locales within the borough, and because it’s just that time of year there’s also a Brooklyn Wintertime Fable on one Joey the Snowman.