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Thursday, May 8, 2008

In My mailbox Repost


I'm Jeff of The Inner Swine, who also writes a column for XD and thus, against all logic and good sense, is allowed to post here. Since this blog was started I wondered what in the world I should post, and was encouraged to post ANYTHING. One suggestion was to repost the "In My Mailbox" posts I usually put up on alt.zines. Don't know what alt.zines is? Good for you. You're better off.

Anyways, IMM is just a list of zines I got in the mail that day. It's not meant to be formal reviews, even if a stray opinion sneaks in sometimes.


Happy Cinco de Mayo. I will be drinking my weight in beer later in honor of this largely corporate-created holiday. I love the corporate holidays because they always revolve around drinking irresponsibly.

Anyways, over the course of some time I have received the following goodies in my PO Box:

- Maximumrocknroll # 300 ($4, mmr, POB 460760, SF, CA 94146-0760; maximumrocknroll.com). If they ever change a single thing about MMR, I will weep--it is perfect as it is. Included in this issue is the standard bad review of TIS.

- OFF-Line #43 (free, Claire E. Cocco & Vincent J. Romano, 35 Barker Ave #4G, White Plains, NY 10601). This is the "White Plains: City of Dreams" issue, where they take an in-depth look at their adopted home town. I like that idea, to be honest. If I did that in Hoboken it would be all about the bars. I'm not even sure if there are other types of businesses here.

- Zine World #25.5 (free to subscribers, POB 330156, Murfreesboro TN 37133-0156; www.undergroundpress.org). This is a cool idea, keeping those reviews fresh. There's a good one of TIS in here too. The Singularity will be the day when every zine in the universe contains a review of TIS simultaneously, and we will all rise up into heaven.

- Fringe Five (No price, Lane Robbins, 12908 Borgman, Huntington Woods, MI 48070). Note that the letter I received with this zine has a different address on it, so I can't be 100% sure which one should be used. The inside cover declares that this issue "...covers my travels in New Zealand and Australia, as well as the time I spent at Green Gulch Farm..." It's bound with the simple expedient of wrapping a rubber band around folded pages, which I've never seen before and which appears to work nicely.

- The Ken Chronicles #7 ($2, ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Drive, East Meadow, NY 11554-1120; passscribe@aol.com). Another digest-sized blast of perzine goodness from Ken.

That's it! Aside from a letter from a prisoner who's been trying to get a copy of TIS for months now, with each issue returned for various reasons. I find this eternally frustrating, especially in those rare occasions when a prisoner has actually given me stamps or money, as this guy has. I mean, damn!


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