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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Public Restrooms

You don't know how I love a good public restroom. I tend to take photos of the really good ones, from the bar in NYC where the clear doors fog up once the lock is clicked to the Loo of the Year in central London. I've invaded men's rooms in Alabama (you wouldn't believe what they had in the vending machine!) and commandeered others when the line for the ladies is just too long (London again, I think). I relished the fact that one of my dissertation directors wrote about restrooms in his first book (not as naughty as it sounds) and remember fondly the Lego-lined bathroom in a museum I frequented often as a child. I love www. thebathroomdiaries.com and I think you should too.

Anyway, so when issue 002 of Xploited Zine showed up in my mailbox and it was all about public restrooms in San Francisco, I pretty much tackled it all in one reading. Lots of photos. Lots of very funny stories, including lost cellphones, terrible lines, bathroom reviews (yes, really), and inclusion of Safe2pee.org (an important resource to include, particularly when writing about public restrooms). The writing is vivid, the photos compelling, and the design and layout is beautifully crisp. Though the print is small, it's obviously edited and someone clearly put a fair amount of time into making this zine look good. Nicely done, folks.

Kathleen [at] xploitedproductions.com

$3, order through the website above (via PayPal).

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