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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jumbly Junkery

Jumbly Junkery #3 and #4 by L. Nichols
$5 each, though the Etsy shop

When I was at MoCCA recently, I picked up the two most recent issues of L. Nichols' Jumbly Junkery. What drew me in, of course, are the cool covers; one's silkscreened (#4) and the other looks spray-painted (#3). But as I read, I was pulled into stories that have to do with gender and identity, and existing in a world where you don't quite fit but at the same time don't really want to. Usually they're autobio work, aside from one story in #3 (an issue that includes some really cool color work; generally these collections are in black and white). I'm glad I read them in sequence; it seems like the newest issue is evocative of so many larger issues--growing apart from people, gender bias, and so on--that the issue before it doesn't spell out quite as directly. They're there, of course, but somehow the newer issue felt more cohesive.

Anyway, it's a long way of saying they're worth a look.
(and, of course, a nudge if you're anywhere near Massachusetts: think about coming to see some rollerderby?)

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