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Xerography Debt is a review zine for zine readers by zine writers (and readers). It is a hybrid of review zine and personal zine (the ancestor to many blogs). The paper version has been around since 1999. This blog thing is are attempt to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Paper 1.0. Print is not dead, but it is becoming more pixelated.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reviews from Davida

I’ve been slacking this summer. The reasons (okay, excuses) are many. It is hard to write reviews when you can be flipping off of a dock into a quarry lake or picking up the matchbox cars that seem to multiply every time Garnet overturns the box. Regardless, it is Sunday afternoon, the house is clean, I have been to yoga, the spam folders have been cleared, and another round of lovely thunderstorms approaches.

Dwan #47 and #48

I should not review poetry. It is not something I of the blunt and direct wordage should even attempt. The only reason I am going to try here is that in knowing Donny I am granted a little insight into the unspoken and underspoken, which says oh so much.

In Dwan #47, Donny visits Istanbul and offers emails and journal entries about the experience. There is both sub-text and much unknowing in this issue. Also, thanks to digital technology there are color photos in this issue, which is available in PDF form.

Dwan #48 compiles poems that have been previously published throughout the zine and literary landscape and contains one of the best and classiest dedications I have read in a long time. This issue is mostly poetry, dreamy and contemplative.

Donny is now living in Turkey, so email for PDFs or possible trade: dwanzine@hotmail.com.

Bluefuzz the Hero

Jesse Reklaw is well-know for his Slow Wave dream comics and other one-shot zines like Applicant. Bluefuzz the Hero offers a confused and slightly bumbling hero in a modern-day fable/fairy tale. There are adventures, wanderings, and snarky village folks. I enjoyed it.

Check out all of Jesse’s wares at http://www.slowwave.com.

Time Enough at Last: A Reading Log 2007

This is a compliation of short reviews of all the books, zines, and comics that A.j. read in 2007. This lead me to new items of possible interest. There were also reviews of books I planned to read but am now reconsidering. I was glad to see she loved World War Z as much as I did.

A.j. Michel
PO Box 877, Landsdowne, PA 19050

The Ken Chronicles #6 and #7

This is a finely produced personal zine in the purest sense. If you want to get to know Ken, his likes, dislikes, travels and obsessions, this is the place to start. #6 focuses on his genealogical research – I can’t even imagine knowing this much about my genetic past. #7 is about Ken’s trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Ken Baussert
2140 Erma Dr, East Meadow NY 11554

I am Winto: A Life in Parts and 600 Rubles

After a few email exchanges pertaining to paper vs. web, Jennifer and I ended up trading. I am Winto is the first part in Jennifer’s autobiography and covers her early school years and family life. She is also a red-head and explains how that plays into her identity.

600 Rubles takes Jennifer from an act of domestic violence that results in a severe concussion to Russia less than a week later – against her doctor’s orders – to perform with a dance team. Ultimately, her injury and resulting experiences with her coaches and fellow dancers would lead to tremendous personal changes.

Jennifer Manriquez

Don’t Go Fishing on Witches’ Day

This is not a zine in the traditional sense, but a sampling of Joan Aiken’s Armitage Family stories. Regardless, I took the zine to dinner one evening after BEA and enjoyed the stories. They have that nostalgic feel of The Boxcar Children and Narnia. I don’t know if Gavin still has copies left, but you should check this out regardless:



Lastly, Eric Lyden passed along this link: www.degrassidigest.com. I haven’t read any issues yet, but if you are a fan of Degrassi, check it out!

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