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Xerography Debt is a review zine for zine readers by zine writers (and readers). It is a hybrid of review zine and personal zine (the ancestor to many blogs). The paper version has been around since 1999. This blog thing is are attempt to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Paper 1.0. Print is not dead, but it is becoming more pixelated.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Most Exciting Youtube Clip Ever!

This is an interview done at last years Boston Zine Fair and from about 3 minutes on you can see me in the background sitting at the next table.


See the dude in the wacky hat hanging around reading a zine? My hand to God, he was there reading my zine for 15 minutes and he didn't buy a god damned thing. And the guy I chat with at about the 6 minute mark? He was what we like to call an eccentric in these politically correct times. I actually enjoyed chatting with the guy, which is rare, but he sure was eccentric to say the least. And at some point you see a cute girl just waltz on by my table like I'm not eve there. Which is the story of my life. And you should probably listen to the dude talking instead of just focusing on me in the background because even the non-Eric portions are interesting.

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