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Saturday, January 10, 2009

In My Mailbox 1-9-09

Well, I'm drunk as a skunk. Went to dinner with my brother at a place well-known for its beer taps, then back home for a few snorts of whiskey before shuffling off. So I thought, what better time to post about things in my PO Box?

-- MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #308 ($4, PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146-0760; www.maximumrocknroll.com) As heath said in another post: Thank god for MMR. This issue contains a review of TIS that is best described as "mystified". I'm not very much of a punk, but I love MMR and hope it continues.

-- Tenebrous Thaumaturgy (trade, Andrew Conde, GCDC, 2120 East B Street, Torrington WY 82240). An interesting full-size photocopied zine. I first encountered the term "Thaumaturgy" years ago in the fantasy novel "Master of the Five Magics" by Lyndon Hardy. I still have a real soft spot for that book (and its sequels), so the title to this really grabbed me. Andrew's a prisoner, so if you've got extra copies of something lying around, send 'em to him, why not?


1 comment:

Susan said...

Do you think that Andrew would be interested in trading for a book or two? I don't have any zines to trade him (I'm a librarian, though, with tons of freebie books he might like) and I'm interested in getting together a mini-collection of zines to show my powers-that-be what zines are and why we should start getting them for our permanent collection here in my library, and his sounds like a perfect example of what I'd want to show them.......