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Saturday, February 21, 2009

In My Mailbox 2-21-09

Today, a beautiful day. Sunny, filled with promise. And on all such days filled with promise I wddle on down to the PO Box to see if the universe is going to fulfill that promise:

- I got two bizarre letters. One is just a listing of medals won at the 1936 Olympics. Thta's it. No note, no insert, just that and an address. The other is a handwritten plea to protest Sirius/XM radio's elimination of the Punk channel. The Punk Channel on Satellite radio? Punks pay $$$ every month to listen to the radio? This is strange to me. But then my sense of all things punk is still pretty 1985, I suspect.

- Maximumrocknroll (PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146-0760; www.maximumrocknroll.com): Another day, another MMR with a review of TIS. Not a bad review, thoguh the reviewer does think the issue was a bit more filled with padding and less inspired than usual.

- Underworld Crawl #6 ($2, R. Lee, POB 1421, Oshkosh, WI 54903). Mistah Lee writes in the beginning that he "fell off the wagon" for a while and stopped making or reading zines, then picked one up at random and got all charged up about it again, and thus a new UC. Thank goodness. Digest-sized and filled with words, my favorite.

- A magazine and some trinkets from Antigua, plus a poem, courtesy of Asha Anderson, who I haven't heard from in quite a while. You can check her at http://www.ashabot.com/.

- .ZAP! Spring 09, of which I am part. WE ROCK.

- A whole bunch of zines from Dan Swank, who, in search of humorous zines, heard about me from Eric Lyden, apparently. I will now creully disappoint Dan with issues of my own zine. He sent me Cranky Buddha #6 and #7 ($2, no address listed, www.crankybuddha.com), Tales from the Bus, and Manuscripts Don't Burn #6. All are digest-sized with cardstock covers and look neat. Go complain that he doesn't have contact info on his actual zines, okay?

And that was it. No go forth and make more zines for me. GO!

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Eric Lyden said...

Holy cow, somebody actually took my advice about something!