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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In My Mailbox 7-22-09


Another week, another trip to my PO Box. At least I'm not getting chastised by postal workers for leaving it for months and forcing them to pile my mail on the floor and scowl.

- Xerography Debt #25 ($3, Davida G. Breier, POB 11064, Baltimore, MD 21212; leekinginc.com) Don't worry, I have inspected this issue to make sure it contains my usual column and at least one review of TIS. It does. Safe for you to read!

XD seems to be getting better with age, actualy. This is a crisp, smoove-looking issue that invites you to read.

- WTF? #1 ("Jetset Analog Future"; $3, DJ Burnett, POB 131, Fryburg, PA 16326) digest-size BW zine is pretty funny, and I like the Letters FROM the Editor. Reminds me of me, which means it rocks.

- Carrots & Condoms #2 ($2/trade, Coco Negro, POB 163327, Sacramento, CA 95816; quothethecat@riseup.net) Apparently my zine made such an impression on Coco years and years ago. . .that it took them years and years to send me a trade. Oh well. It's well-dione and has a pretty cover, and lots of personal words and drawings inside - a classic perzine, methinks.

That was the goods this week! I feel like shit. Summer flu here I come!


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