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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worst Future Ever (#1)

WORST FUTURE EVER #1 ("The red menace")
digest, "8 pages folded over"
$1 (US), $2 (world) ("for US, I will accept one stamp also"), trades OK
c/o J.D.
P.O. Box 340971
Columbus, OH 43234

J.D. sums up this first issue pretty succinctly in the zine description on XD's zine review info sheet: "The focus of this zine is how people imagines the future would turn out for the worst. This issue concerns people's fixation of a global communist takeover. To that end, movies like Red Dawn, and TV shows like Amerika, are analyzed from a personal perspective." For a first issue, the layout is uncomplicated and the zine well-organized. It's fairly text-heavy, though there are images incorporated into the text. I think, in time, there might be more to it; the issue itself is somewhat short and the reviews and analysis very much come from a personal perspective (what high school teacher has his or her class watch Red Dawn over and over again?! Yikes!). It'll be interesting to see how this zine develops in later issues; I'm not sure if the theme will switch from "The Red Menace!" to something else, but we shall see...

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