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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reviews from Anne: The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music

The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music, Volume Four - Aretha Franklin, Winter
Ethan Krause, ed.
$3 US only; maybe trade
18 pp; digest, 16 images
PO Box 11872
Milwaukee, WI 53211

I'm not sure you could find a more descriptive title than this zine's; the
concept's pretty basic but the results are extraordinarily funny (and the
construction/layout is very nice).. I had to go to the blog to check out
the other Famous Hairdos, especially when I found out there was a
Morrissey issue.  Side note: I would still love to see that one-maybe it
was in the stack tragically devoured by the Postal Service Monster last
month; they actually delivered an empty, torn manila envelope encased in
that pre-printed apologetic plastic bag they put around damaged mail. I
hope someone in the post office is reading and loving that pile of
zines.Anyway, self-described: "drawings by friends and strangers,
submitted by mail or in person, affixed to one xerox of a famous
musician's hair." They're very funny.

Keywords: art, parlor games, Rorschach test, culturejacking

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Ethan said...


This is the curator/publisher of "The Famous Hairdos". Thanks for the review. I would love to send another copy of the Morrissey book. How do I get in touch?