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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review from Anne: Math Ed Zine #1 and Math Ed Zine 0.8: Km/Ky REMIX

Math Ed Zine #1 and Math Ed Zine 0.8: Km/Ky REMIX
By Owen Thomas
quarter-size, 8 pages, $2 (?) trades? (go check out the website...really)
POB 9679
Columbus OH 43209

So, these two zines appeared in my mailbox with a little note on the envelope saying “for trade or review.” First thing: I don’t understand them. Second thing: they look really cool. MedZ #1 is “the hip-pocket lingo” issue—basically a glossary of math terms. Apparently the blog’s been up since June 2007, and I got into the idea that maybe these zines were done by a grad student: “i’d just put out #1 (“the hip-pocket vocab”, a crosslinked glossary for elementary logic, sets, and number theory originally prepared as scholarly apparatus for a set of lecture notes i used to supplement “math for poets” classes)…” which, honestly, sounds like a rad idea, “to shove ‘em more or less at random into mailboxes of faculty i’d enjoyed talking to and hope to spark up some conversations about me and the weird stuff i get up to.” Neat, no?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

owen here. this is the first review i've seen.
thanks! that's K_n and K_4 (my handwriting
leaves much to be desired) and "the
hip-pocket *vocab*" (an admittedly
obscure reference... spoiler alert...
to _stand_on_zanzibar_, which takes
place in 2010). thanks again. yay XD!