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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Taking The Lane super pack!

Taking The Lane super pack!
Ellie Blue
http://takingthelane.com/shop/    --- each issue is 6 inches v 4 inches
I ended up with a whole mess of Taking The Lane back issues:
Vol. 7 BikeSexuality (40 pages, silver print cover, $4, July 2012)
Vol. 8 Childhood (40 pages, color cover, $4, October 2012)
Vol. 9 Disaster $5* (40 pages, two-color cover, $4, January 2013)
Vol. 10 Bikes in Space : A Feminist Science Fiction Anthology (56 pages, color cover, $6, May 2013)

plus the copy of
Vol. 12 Religion $5 (40 pages, three-color cover, $5, December 2013), which I received from backing Ellie Blue's publishing Kickstarter project a while ago.

Here's the thing at which I marveled for quite some time: these are all rad anthologies with cool themes (always about bikes) in fantastic book forms. Each issue of Taking The Lane is this wee work of art, whether it's a "feminist-leaning & bicycle focused" fiction collection about bikes in space (yes, really; it's awesome), bicycling and disaster, biking as a child, biking and religion (I was curious and skeptical of this one, I confess, but it's actually quite good), and so on. The titles are clear, the layout and design impeccable, and I can't recommend them enough. I confess, I yelped with glee when I found them in my review pack, because I just dig 'em that much. Highly recommended -- even if (and maybe especially if) you're not someone who's all that into biking. The writing's captivating, and it's really tough to put one down once you've started reading.

* This particular issue is actually available on a self-selected honor system, sliding scale, which is pretty much one of the smartest things I've seen in a while. From the website: "The sliding scale pricing is on the honor system and totally up to you — no need to explain or ask permission for your choice of price! The options available, in all their incomplete imperfection, are based on the average U.S. wage gap.."  (check out the listing for more details and links)

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