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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DUMP #2 (2014)

review from Anne: DUMP #2 (2014)

60 pages, 6 inches x 9 inches, $2 US/ $2.50 Can/ Mex / ? world/ trades maybe
David Robertson
15 Elie Avenue
Dundee, Scotland DD5 3SF, UK

For starters, I can't believe this one's only $2. It's 60 pages, with slick bright red covers, and it's pretty substantial. It's a collection of the different comics that the author's composed (the title of the book comes from one of these stories, in which the main character works in a town landfill/dump), plus some collaborations with different authors (these are mostly one-page pieces written by the author and illustrated by other comics artists) and a 24 hour comic as well.These comics are black and white and they're straightforward and clear in terms of both image and flow. Again, it's a pretty amazing deal for such a well-printed title. It's a pretty sturdy thing -- a fast read, but it's a net collection of a number of various smaller projects. (Also, whoa, 60 pages!)

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