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Thursday, March 19, 2015

NODE PAJOMO (Winter 2014)

review from Anne: NODE PAJOMO (Winter 2014)

28 pages, (1/2 page) 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches, 3 US /5 Can/ Mex / World. ?  trades. Cash (US or equivalent or unusued US stamps -- "stamps preferred!")
POB 2632 Bellingham, WA 98227-2632
Free editions of just listings available upon request. Listings due by the 15th of June and December
Issues published around first of July and January.
MAILART. ZINES. LIFE. reads the tagline for this zine, but there's a warning in there as well: "Herein you will find a ton of zine reviews, a few stone of audio reviews, and only half a kilo of mail art listings. The emigration of mail artists to the internet has been detrimental to those whose inclinations are exclusively postal. We understand the attraction of social media, but prefer it tangible not digital. Your mileage may vary." That said, there's a CD inside of this zine that's a collection of audio mail art as well as other inserts and other interesting things. I don't know if this zine will continue (it sounds like they aren't totally sure if they will as well, so...), but it's pretty interesting conceptually. If it IS the last issue, I would recommend that you check it out before it vanishes -- there's a little bit of everything in here, and it's worth a look.

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