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Sunday, October 4, 2015


review from Anne: STRATU'S DIARY COMIX

8 pages,  11 inches x 8 inches, 3 US /3 Can/ 3 Mex / 3 World. Trades for comix
color cover, B&W inside with some color pages
Stuart Stratu
PO BOX 35 Marrickville NSW 2204 AUSTRALIA

Pretty straightforward title: this is a diary comic made up of three panels a day. "My comix pal David Puckeridge and I tried this back in 2013 but quit after six months. This time we're going for a whole year -- Jan 1 to Dec 31 2015! (And beyond? Maybe ... if it doesn't kill us...). This issue covers April -- all of April -- which involves crossword puzzles, a dashboard camera and a betting brother, driving around, zines and getting the mail, a sakura flavored Kit-Kat from Japan (!!!), among other things. It's really cute, and different from many of the other diary comics I've read. It's day to day stuff, which I like. It's fun, and I enjoyed reading it. I haven't checked, though, to see if Stratu kept going with the diary comics -- the original plan was to go for a year, so we'll see if there are other issues out there...!

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