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Sunday, April 17, 2016

review from Anne: "What's Up, Grim?": Haunted Hayriders In Their Own Words (October 2015)

54 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $8 US, ? Can/Mex, ? world
white text on black ink with B&W photos and diagram

Adam Finchler
210 Cook St #302
Brooklyn NY 11206

The description that arrived with this book is both pretty straightforward and accurate: "This is a book of actual quotations recorded by the Grim Reader at a haunted hayride in New Jersey. Hundreds of off-the-cuff remarks made by haunted hayriders to Death and his legion of creeps are entombed in this sickening volume."

I'm not sure if I'd classify it as "sickening" but mostly the quotations fall into the "you're cute" category (mostly from teenage girls to the dude dressed up like the Grim Reaper) or into the "WTF" category (people apparently say all kinds of terrible stuff when they don't think people are listening, and there's some terrible stuff in here). People say all kinds of boneheaded things, apparently. The book itself is pretty slick: it's white text on black ink, so it's pretty appropriate for spooky stuff (and might explain the $8 cost as well). Information provided wasn't clear about trades or costs other than the US, so email and ask if you're interested; apparently you can also get the Grim Reaper to sign your copy if you're so inclined.

My favorites:

"He's from Star Wars.
No, he's the Grim Reaper.
I know he's the Grim Reaper!" -- 20 year old girls

"It's 70 degrees out. Last year I was freezin' my nuts off, now I'm sweatin' my ass off." -- Zombie Clarence

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