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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

in My Mailbox 5-5-09


After a brief absence caused by completely forgetting, I finally made it back to the PO Box yesterday and gathered my treats, which included an airline bottle of vodka from a kind soul who chose to remain anonymous. If I can get this free-booze-in-the-mail deal off the ground, I believe I will be remembered for generations as a great man.

Anyway, I also got:

- Insignificant Proportions (A Memoir of Sorts) & Insignificant Proportions Companion Coloring Book [No price, DB Pedlar, 25727 Cherry Hill Rd, Camb. Spgs, PA 16403] I love getting stuff from DB, and I love the statement on page 3 that he is making this zine for his grandchildren and hopes that one of us--his readers--will be the one to hand them a copy, someday. The coloring book just blows my mind.

- Fed Up Mag #11 (gerryorchard@iol.ie; myspace.com/fedupmag) 6 screaming pages about shopping, decluttering, and animated movies.

- Blackguard #1 ($7, PO Box 93, Paddington NSW 2021 Australia; blackguard23.livejournal.com; sstratu@gmail.com). Wow, pretty gorgeous 4-color cover and crisp, well-done comix inside by various artists. $7 is high, but looks worth it. Theme is "Religious Crazies" - who can't get behind that!

- Brain Food #15 ($1, Mike Toft, POB 7246, Minneapolis MN 55407; cartoonistconspiracy.com/brainfood; miketoft@usfamily.net) An installment in an ongoing comic story, digest-sized and good-looking.

And that was it! The booze counts for about 27 zines, though.


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1 comment:

Stratu said...

Hey Jeff,
I messed up the price on the cover, it should be $5.00, but I accept trades too! -Stratu Blackguard
Thanks for the mention!