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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Submissions wanted for Going Home zine AND Borderlands 3

Friends! The deadlines for Going Home zine AND Borderlands 3 are being
extended one LAST time! What's that you say? You wanted to submit last
time but didn't have time to write something? The deadline for both
zines is JUNE 27th. Ready, set, write! <3 Nia

This call for submissions is open to everyone.
I am looking for your writings and art that speak to any or all of the
following themes:

What does home mean to you? What makes home "home"?
Where is home?
Who is home?
Can you go home?
In what ways have home changed?

How have the meaning and significance of home been shaped by:
-your experiences (at and away from home)?
-your politicization?
-your race(s)?
-class (including changes in class status)?
-sexual orientation(s)
-surviving abuse?
(These are just a few of many themes you could choose to write on.)

How do these things affect your relationship to the places that you're from?

What have your experience of building home and community been like,
successes and challenges?

Please send non-fiction, personal stories and black and white visual
art on these themes to nia.is.king@gmail.com. Writing submissions
should be no more than 1,000 words and in .rtf format. Art submissions
should be .jpeg files. The deadline for submissions is JUNE 27th,
2009. Please repost this call widely!

This call for submission is open to mixed-race, bicultual and
transracially adopted people of color.

I am currently seeking personal stories and visual art on the theme of
(romantic and/or sexual) RELATIONSHIPS and PARENTING for the upcoming
issue of a compilation zine about people of color's mixed-race,
bicultural and transracial adoptee identities. Stories should be
non-fiction and no more than 1000 words. No poetry please. Visual art
should be black and white and replicate well in a copy machine
(minimal grey tones). Submissions for issue 3 are due JUNE 27th,
2009. Please email them in RICH TEXT FORMAT to nia.is.king@gmail.com.

Your stories are valuable, and it's time to bring our often neglected
cross-cultural and multi-racial experiences from margin to center by
telling our own stories!

Please forward this call widely!

Also, download past issues of Borderlands for free @

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