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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review from Anne: Onesies

ONESIES (issue 1, spring 2010)
By Whit Taylor
5 x 7.25, 16 pages, $3 US $4 Can/Mex, $4 world, trades “maybe”
4 Midwood Terrace
Madison, NJ 07940

“Onesies is a collection of some of the slice-of-lie, one page comics that I post on my blog” writes Whit, and the selections in this zine are funny enough that it led me to check out the website. There’s one strip in here, debating the possibilities if Saint Patrick were out & about today what might happen as a result (“get into a brawl at his own parade? What would he think about green bagels?”) Overall, cute. Worth checking out—have a look at the website & see what you think….)

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