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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review from Anne: TIME: A Trees & Hills Anthology (Sept 2010)

TIME: A Trees & Hills Anthology (Sept 2010)
Edited by Colin Tedford and Daniel Barlow
Half-size, 64 pages, $5
Available through www.treesandhills.org

Trees and Hills is a comics collective based in Western MA, Vermont, and New Hampshire that aims to bring together creators to share resources, make comics, and build connections.(Full disclosure: I’m part of this group and I did the cover for the new anthology). TIME is our eighth anthology--each one is organized around a theme of some sort and includes a fun little extra (TIME includes a teeny 2011 calendar as a bonus). Not one comic in here is about being late for a deadline! But we do have space ninjas battling zombies through time, camp math (how time seems to slow down @ summer camp), time travel, great moments in time, how to prioritize time over money, and other related adventures in and with time. What I like about this anthology (and I’d like it even if I weren’t in it) is the wide range of different artists and styles that give it a really different kind of feel. It’s fun in a way that’s really striking and feels a little looser than other anthologies in the T&H series; I think that might have to do with the more abstract feeling of the theme (how do you do a piece about time, for example? What kinds of things does “time” make you think about?).

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