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Monday, March 28, 2011


THREE #1 (July 2010)
Rob Kirby
www.robkirbycomics.com (orders via paypal)
$6.25 US / ? Can/Mex / ? World / ? trades
Half-legal/ 32 pages / color!

So, before I get to the gushing about how much I dug this collection, let me give you the basics: THREE is a limited-run anthology (I don’t know how limited or how many issues) by queer comic artists edited by Robert Kirby. I haven’t seen #2 yet but I know I’m going to love it if this first issue (clever cover and all) is any indication of the series to come. The plan is for each issue to have three stories by three creators or teams of creators, and the first issue is a standout. Joey Alison Sayers contributes a funny full-color piece called “Number One” (yeah, it’s about what you think) and Robert Kirby’s beautifully done story “Freedom Flight” follows a character called Drew on part of a trip through New York City (it has this soft blue background that gives it a little bit of a dreamlike, contemplative quality). But I found myself returning to the first piece in the collection, Eric Orner’s “Weekends Abroad.” It’s an atmospheric story set in Tel Aviv; the narrative follows a man and a lovely little piece of graffiti (which I now kind of want to put all over the place), and it is superbly done. All three of the stories are well-done and they’re a nice kind of sampling of three different artists. Overall, this title’s a standout; don’t wait to get your hands on it. (I can’t wait for the next issue.)

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