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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Posted for The Village Learning Place (donate your zines)

The Village Learning Place is growing our local and small press collection!

Self-published and micro-published works are vital to the library community. They exhibit subject matter often overlooked by larger publishing companies, and provide a platform for local authors to present their works. We are gathering local materials for our catalog including: small-press-issued graphic novels and poetry, self-published cookbooks, zines, memoirs, niche non-fiction, local history, and university press research and literature. It is our goal to use this historic neighborhood venue to showcase the works of local authors and artists.

The Village Learning Place (VLP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit neighborhood lending library, learning center, computer lab, and community garden in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore City. We serve as an anchoring institution, a symbol of community pride, and a partner in creating a healthy and cohesive community.

Because we’re a non-profit, community-run library, we have the freedom to pursue the works of authors that many libraries cannot. This is just one way the Village Learning Place is a unique and integral facet of the Baltimore community.

If you have any works you would like to donate to the collection, or if you have any information that would be helpful to our cause, please contact:

Library Associate Kendra Eaves at 410-235-2210 or Kendra.eaves@villagelearningplace.orgLibrary Services Coordinator Lesley Noll at 410-235-2210 ext:224 or Lesley.noll@villagelearningplace.org 
Douglas Mowbray, Poetry in the Community, 410-235-5712 dmowbray@twentythreebooks.com

We are planning an unveiling reception for this project for National Library Week in April. More details to come!
Save the Dates!

2012 Cruellest Month Poetry and Performance Festival

Reading of The Star-Spangled Banner as Waverly Main Street
 commemorates The War of 1812 Bicentennial: April 1

4 Nights of Readings at Village Learning Place: April 5, 12, 17, 26

1 Day of Celebration at Waverly Library: April 28

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