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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Piltdownlad #1: Güero Chingón #1-5
These five, short mini-zines squeeze out the rawness of childhood into something distilled that causes your breath to catch. The first issue explains how, in an act of self-protection in shop class, the narrator becomes Güero Chingón. The second reveals how he figured out panhandling. #3 involves more childhood violence and the odd workings of childhood frienemys. The fourth is tragic and made me want to remove all the matches from my home. The final volume was about new clothes and the cruel pantomime of boys and girls. Recommended.
Piltdownlad #1: Güero Chingón #1-5
Kelly Dessaint
PO Box 86714, Los Angeles, CA 90086
Email: piltdownlad@gmail.com
Website: www.piltdownlad.com
price: $3 US/ $ 3.50 Can/Mex / $4 World
trades: possible
size: 2”x3”
page count: 5 mini zines at 16 pages each

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