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Xerography Debt is a review zine for zine readers by zine writers (and readers). It is a hybrid of review zine and personal zine (the ancestor to many blogs). The paper version has been around since 1999. This blog thing is are attempt to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Paper 1.0. Print is not dead, but it is becoming more pixelated.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OPUNTIA 71.3 (February 2012), 260 (St. Urho's Day 2013), 262 (May 2013), 263 (June 2013)

OPUNTIA 71.3 (February 2012),  260 (St. Urho's Day 2013), 262 (May 2013), 263 (June 2013)
16 pages (all issues), 5.5 x 8.5, $3 "cash for a one-time sample copy, trade for your zine, or letter of comment." (Note: Americans, please don't send checks; bank fees to cash them are high; US banknotes are better.)Dale SpeirsBox 6830Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 2E7

Here's the story: Whole-numbered OPUNTIAs are sercon, x.1 issues are reviewzines, x.2 issues are indexes, x.3 issues are apazines, and x.5 issues are perzines. However, Speirs wrote back in issue 248 that a lengthy project has shifted his writing, and so future issues will be a mix of articles and reviews. Dig? OK. Here we go.

So, in this span of issues, we've again got a good range of material; 71.3 is an apazine (that's worth googling, by the way, or read more about FAPA in #260), DNA and some non-fiction book reviews and an explanation of the title (see 260; I don't want to ruin the explanation!), evolution and a longer piece about "invisible folk other than the films based directly on Wells' novel" (262), and a review of a book about the history of a specific Toronto radio station as well as some interesting photographs (263). Now as ever, I kind of lean toward the perzine ones, but there's something here for everyone especially if you're into reviews.

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