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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Degrassi Digest Vol 1 (Review by Davida)

Degrassi Digest Volume 1
Putting the Zine Back in Lazyness

I am going to out myself here - I am a big fan of all things Degrassi. It all started back in high school when PBS first aired this Canadian teen drama. While my peers watched "90210", I watched Joey and his loud shirts, Catlin's idealism, and Spike's teen motherhood. I was a fan until the show ended in the early 90's. When we moved into our current house two things happened: 1) I got knocked up and 2) we got better cable. Suddenly I was able to watch the new series, Degrassi: The Next Generation - often in 3-4 hour marathons since I was in love with the couch during the gestation period.

So what that all means is that Degrassi Digest is the zine I have been waiting since I was 16 to read. It is obsessive, snarky, ziney, funny, offers commentary, and will appeal to anyone who has wondered where are they now? and are Pat Mastroianni/Joey Jeremiah the same person (the answer appears to be yes)? In some cases it is an MST3K version of Degrassi. Oh, and there are cats involved in the production of the zine, which can only make it better.

One of my favorite zine finds this year.

$10 (perfect bound, 297 pages - compilation of the first 5 issues)
PO Box 56551
Portland, OR 97238

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