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Monday, October 27, 2008

a new review by Kris

Bloody Hell! Where has this been hiding since I went ape shit for zines 5 years ago?!?

ART BUREAU #15 & #16:
($3 each from: ART BUREAU, PO Box 1823, Portland, OR 97207, USA. Or try artbureau.etsy.com)

This publication´s mission statement goes as follows: "Art Bureau publishes artists from around the globe, giving them ample space to display & write about their work. This is done by creating online portfolio pages & printing limited-edition publications like the one you now hold. Between issues, keep yourself art-fed at artbureau.org."

Issue #15 exposed me to the work of:
-Julio Rölle & Sebastian Bagge of the zine 44flavours
-Roz Foster & Gabe Marihugh of Holograph Magazine
-"Someguy" from the 1000 Journals Project
-the graphic insanity of Inksecticid (Canada) & Topsi (France)

Issue #16 contains the inspiring art & words of:
-Chinese artist Bubi Au Yeung Kit Ying (aka: milkjar)
-Dom Hall of Computer Arts Projects (The In-depth Guide for Digital Creatives)
-Venezuelan illustrator Amaranta (aka: Piktorama)
-Eyeformation´s "City Birds" project

Art Bureau is a beautiful little package. The printing is amazing, the content is top notch, but the price seems a bit low if you ask me. The two issues I received came with various stickers & postcards - only $3.00? One thing I should mention (because zinesters are touchy about these things) is that there are ads in Art Bureau. But, they are all for independent projects & magazines & comics, etc. Art Bureau even has an ISSN number, but this little publication has zine written all over it. Recommended.

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