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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Red Emma's Infiltrated by MD State Police

Red Emma's, a Baltimore-based bookstore, zinestore and coffeehouse was infiltrated by a Maryland State Police agent. The Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post both have stories about the ACLU investigation.


devinek said...

i just saw this on wbal and was looking for more info. poor balitmore sun. it seems they missed the story, preferring to paint a picture of those artfully disheveled, leftist vegans and their (not the infamous) anarchist cookbook.

Aj said...

Wait, did I wake up this morning in 1955? Am I late for the Congressional hearings?

Wred Fright said...

If you ever need to pick out an undercover agent at an anarchist protest, use your nose. He or she is usually the only one wearing deodorant. On a more serious note, I think this type of thing has been going on for quite a while. At the 2002 Underground Press Conference (or Allied Media Conference, whatever they were calling it that year) in Bowling Green, Ohio,, some clean cut lads were surreptitiously taking photographs of attendees. They took one of me on the stairwell, but I caught them doing so (I hope my hair looked all right!). Does anyone else remember that (Not my hair, the FBI interns taking photos covertly)?

Wred Fright said...

Sorry about that extra comma in the last post. He's shadowing the other comma for the government.