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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ASK A CAT DIGEST #5 (Feb. 2018)

ASK A CAT DIGEST #5 (Feb 2018 )

8 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 $2 US (? CAN/MEX / ? world), yes trades
Charles Brubaker
247 Redbud Cir.
Martin, TN 38237

Fifth mini-collection of the "Ask a Cat" comic strip. Questions range from how cats celebrate New Year's (I was surprised...) birthdays, raccoons (basically bootleg cats?), and more. Basically, the "Ask A Cat" comic strip series is, unsurprisingly, a cartoon cat answering letters sent in by readers. 
 You can get it on the fun by emailing cbrubaker@gmail.com with your Ask A Cat questions as well. It's a quick read but it's fun; it's a collection of various comic strips on various questions that readers have sent in to Cat. It's obviously also part of a longer series, but if you're into comics and gag strips (it very much follows a traditional introduction /set-up / punchline format) you'll dig it.

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