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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

COPY THIS #44 (Oct 2017)

COPY THIS #44 (Oct 2017)

44 pages, 4 x 5.5 inches, cost?, trades ?

D. Blake Wertz
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

COPY THIS is an info/news zine assembled by and for mini-comics fans; this issue came with a similarly-sized minicomic called COPY by Brad W. Foster, who is the subject of the in-depth interview which makes up this issue. It's a comprehensive interview and makes for interesting reading. There are three pages at the back of the issue with updates from other zinemakers, and the issue is meticulously laid out with clean and crisp design. Heads up, though: it's a smaller-sized zine and that means smaller-sized print; it isn't unclear, but you might need to be pretty close to the paper to be able to read it depending on your eyesight. There's apparently (?) an upcoming issue that is the annual ALL ART issue, which sounds rad; I'm not yet sure if it's in print since I don't know how often issues are published (monthly, maybe?). If you're interested in illustration, or you enjoy reading interviews, check it out!

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