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Friday, April 20, 2018

SMEAR Magazine #3 and #4

SMEAR Magazine (#3 -- March 2017 and #4 -- November 2017).24 pages (both), full color cardstock, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, $5 US (? CAN/MEX, ? WORLD), ? tradesavailable at: http://www.smearmagazine.com/shop/smear-issue-4-new

Okay, these magazines are some of the highest production quality I've seen in a while; they're substantial and the design/construction elements are impeccable. They're a combination of interesting interviews, photography, short pieces, and other things (#4 has comics, #3 has an advice column), each issue has pieces cleverly organized around themes describing what they are ("one-on-ones" for the interviews, "visuals" for comics and photography, "moody musings" for a variety of other things, etc.).  They use these same tags to sort work they're posting online; this same content can be found there for the first four issues, but starting with the next issue they're moving into print only. The work inside is interesting and they often list open calls for work on their facebook page (the next issue is due out pretty soon and I'm interested to see it; you don't have to be in their geographic part of the world -- Austin, TX -- to contribute). These are pretty comprehensive as far as zines go, and they look very professional (no joke, seriously, on the production values). Highly recommended. 

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