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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NICKNAME #1 (Oct. 2017) and #2 (Jan. 2018)

NICKNAME #1 (Oct. 2017) and #2 (Jan. 2018)

20 pages (#1) and 24 pages (#2), both 5 x 7 inches , $4 ppd in USA (? Can/Mex, ? World),  trades maybe 

Hurley Winkler
3948 3rd St. S #183
Jax Beach, FL 32250
trades? better write and ask first

Described as "a conversational/confessional/collaborative zine by two friends" NICKNAME is by Hurley Winkler and Aysha Miskin; it's a 5x7 zine with clear layout and crisp images; it's a combination of cut & paste & xerox and original drawings, notes written on guest checks (both of these folks have exquisite handwriting, btw), and one really weird drawing of sea waves with the c-word written all over them. Both issues are a weird mishmash of images and words, but they're neat to look at. I'm interested to see how they develop; they don't read like a conversation, but who knows where they'll go in further issues. They're worth checking out, and I'm not sorry that I read them; they aren't linear storytelling but the composition is compelling -- if you're into cut & paste, these are worth your time. (Email and see if they're up for a trade!)

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